Creating The Best
AMM Solutions for
Polygon &
Binance Smart ChainQ2 2022

We are all excited by Uniswap v3!

Algebra's goal is to create similar AMMs
for other leading blockchains.

Not to copy, but to reinvent and improve.

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What will Algebra do differently?

  • Liquidity positions
    Set the token price when liquidity is available
  • Built-in farmingUnique
    No need to farm LP tokens by using external smart contracts
  • Fees curveUnique
    Trading fees for pools are adjusted automatically based on trading volume, pool volume and volatility
  • Smart routingComing soon
    Partition between pools, with consideration to gas fees
  • Cross-chainComing soon
    Cross-chain bridge integrations for cross-chain swaps and for providing liquidity (by using Rubic)
  • Limit ordersComing soon
    0x & Rubic integration for Limit Order execution

Main Characteristics

  • Best Curve Formula — Suitable for both high and low liquidity tokens
  • Discount on platform fees for token holders
  • Earn up to 0.02% from every trade as a token holder
  • DAO implementation for making important decisions
  • Extremely simple UI and friendly UX
  • Web kit for integration to any project’s site / exchange / wallet

Algebra Volume Forecast

Ethereum DEX Daily Volume
Uniswap v2
Uniswap v3
Polygon DEX Daily Volume
Quick Swap (v2)
Algebra (v3)
$500M *
Binance Smart Chain DEX Daily Volume
Pancake (v2)
Algebra (v3)
$1B *
* Expected Volume in 2022

Backed by


  • Vladimir T.
  • Alexandra K.
  • Adam A.
  • Joaquin B.
  • Vladislav V.
    Senior Solidity Developer
  • IIya C.
    Senior Frontend Developer
  • George E.
    Senior Solidity Developer
  • IIya A.
    Solidity Developer


Hacken Audit
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Who are we?

Our team has released several crypto projects since 2017, such as:
Rubic — multichain DeFi Platform for Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, xDai, Tron, Harmony, Fantom, and others.
MyWish — the industry-leading platform for building Smart Contracts across 11 different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, NEO, TRON, EOS, RSK, Waves, Heco Chain, XDC, Moonriver, and Solana.
Our team is well-known in the crypto industry, and we have won many grants and partnered with many large crypto companies.
  • Polygon
    Grant Winner
  • TRON Accelerator
  • Waves Grant
  • NEO Foundation

Tokenomics - Initial Distribution

Algebra platform will have ALGB governance token which will be used for voting, making proposals, accepting projects for our LaunchPad, bootstrapping, incentivization and platform fee distribution.
Max supply:ALGB
All unsold tokens will be burnt. Others groups (Marketing, Advisors, Team, etc.) to be decreased proportionally.


August 2021
  • MVP Release
September 2021
  • Security audit started
November 2021
  • Alpha Release on Polygon
  • Farming LP program started
December 2021
  • Beta Release on Polygon
Q2 2022
  • Beta Release on Binance Smart Chain
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